About Me

I spend a lot of time developing software. My programming interests range from geneic programming to lock-free data structures, and I work in a variety of languages including C++, python, and elisp. When I'm not writing code I'm usually playing the piano or reading.


Mississippi State University

Batchelors in Software Engineering May 2015

My studies in software engineering ranged from high-performance computing to database design. My undergraduate work focused on the design of a lock-free memory allocator in C++.



Reverse Engineer/Developer May 2015 - Present

I currently do security research for Dynetics. In that capacity, I perform a variety of tasks including reverse engineering (typically on real time operating systems) and tool development.


Software Developer/Intern May 2014 - March 2015

While at ViaSat, I designed and implimented high performance QNX applications. I also participated in the specification of programming API to interact with these applications, and later worked with a team to construct an HTML5 web front-end using this API.


I try to maintain a diverse skillset including but not limited to the areas below:

Programming Languages
C++/14, C, Python, Javascript, D, and Java
Development Environments
Emacs, Eclipse, Visual Studios
GNU Linux (Kali/Arch/Debian), Windows
Security Tools
IDA Pro, radare2, Burp