About Me

I spend a lot of time developing software. My programming interests range from geneic programming to lock-free data structures, and I work in a variety of languages including C++, python, and elisp. When I'm not writing code I'm usually playing the piano or reading.

Contact Details

You can reach me at [email protected]


Mississippi State University

Batchelors in Software Engineering May 2015

My studies in software engineering ranged from high-performance computing to database design. My undergraduate work focused on the design of a lock-free memory allocator in C++.



Reverse Engineer/Developer May 2015 - Present

I currently do security research for Dynetics. In that capacity, I perform a variety of tasks including reverse engineering (typically on real time operating systems) and tool development.


Software Developer/Intern May 2014 - March 2015

While at ViaSat, I designed and implimented high performance QNX applications. I also participated in the specification of programming API to interact with these applications, and later worked with a team to construct an HTML5 web front-end using this API.


I try to maintain a diverse skillset including but not limited to the areas below:

Programming Languages
C++/14, C, Python, Javascript, D, and Java
Development Environments
Emacs, Eclipse, Visual Studios
GNU Linux (Kali/Arch/Debian), Windows
Security Tools
IDA Pro, radare2, Burp